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Introduce your sexy~self to everyone!
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Archit Nath · Aug 12 '16
In SLAM Book (n_n)/
Play any kind of forum games here : spam thread : Have Fun xD
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NatsuKudo · Sep 21
In What are you watching now ?
Just About Anything. All Languages are allowed!!!!
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NatsuKudo · Sep 21
In Unbelievable Facts !
It includes all the initiatives, ideas, tasks, achievements, aims etc which are already accomplished or will be accomplished in near future.
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NatsuKudo · Sep 21
In ANIMAX is Finally Back in Tata Sky Guys !!!
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General Discussion
The place for general discussions on any anime/manga related topic. Talk about the new trends, the new cliches, goods and bads of the anime/manga medium, its growth, where its heading to etc, etc, etc.
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NatsuKudo · Sep 21
In Anime Songs 'n OSTs
Anime Discussion
The place for discussions pertaining to particular anime series of all genres or for things associated with such a particular series.
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shinchan kamen · May 30 '16
In fav anime song
Manga Discussion
The place for discussions for manga readers fan.
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NatsuKudo · Apr 8 '16
In Cheat Code Jailbreak(IN) Manga Planet
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Tips & Tricks
Found some cool thing that you want to show to others or just want give us tips and tricks on how to use the site here!
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Help Desk
Having a problem using the site and don't know what to do feel free to ask here for anything you want and we will try to help (?..?)
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Error and bugs report
Help us run this site as smooth as possible by reporting things that are not working
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