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Sachin Kumar Sahu

So great to see you again after quite a while.

AnimeOpedia went offline for about 6 months and it just happened in a way we never wanted. The Server went down and a financial issue too responsible for it. But, apart of all these disappointments, we used this time gap to improvise and to make things more efficient while being responsive. As an outcome we managed to shape it into a new version of AnimeOpedia that did had the same love but more fun added to it. We wanted to create it like a super easy fun unlimited AnimeOpedia and we do hope to get you addicted to it. We do feel sorry about all the data, post, photos etc. that were previously held by the users as this new version does not have the previous data of the existing users.

Talking about few technical aspects then the code has been improved and new features has been added to it. Mobile users have now become our main focus as we do visualize it to be widespread and mobile (Work in progress). Our code is a mix-up of several pre-made powerful framework such as wordpress, vbulletin etc. which means it is more robust and secure. Isn’t it something to be happier? Yes!  You can rely upon our security measures.

Easy access has been a main motive for us like it did was earlier. Several aspects have been added and we have left many things to be explored. Be it the manga lover or the crazy anime freak, we do have things for you.
Sachin Kumar Sahu Mar 7 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: welcome, reincarnation, apologies, features, benchmarks