Haruuuu's blog

Greetings Creatures. I'm Haru
an 18 year old little piece of shit from the Philippines
I'm taking up Culinary arts as my main course in college. Cooking. yeh that.
I do traditional painting. Some are Line Arts and some are conceptual random paintings. I love Galaxies and Stars.
I am a certified NERD. Either reading a book for almost a day or just playing games. Wallowing myself in music and in art whenever I want to. || I scribbling everywhere. || Everything is a canvass for me.
I'm not a people "person" and I never will be|| Not an expressive type. I don't trust people easily so, sorry if I'm a bit rough on the edges with you talking with me. whatever.
I'm an anxious and depressed person but not like those who cry out and post it to show to the bloody world that they need someone.

Games played: League of Legends , Final fantasy, Kingdom hearts, Pokemon, Dragon Nest, Flyff, Black rock shooter the game, Tekken,, Street Fighter, Blazeblu, Tantra, Dota 2, Warcraft, Heroes of Newearth and mtm. 

I hope you guys take care of this little shit! :>
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