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Sachin Kumar Sahu
Sachin Kumar Sahu Mar 7 '16

The new features are so cool that some of them are like what we cannot just leave without mentioning.

Our Mobile Site has been efficiently enhanced resulting in an outcome that now you can do lots of thing there, some of them are
1)    Access to forums, posting a reply or creating a whole new topic has been made easier.
2)    Accessing friends profile, their details or adding them to you list while being selective can all be done now.
3)    Most requested features was about having an ease in communication that required a platform where people can always stay connected and so we did it by making the mobile version where you can chat with your friends or messaged them even if they are offline.

A whole new QUESTION feature has been added that can help you get any response upon desired questions or get polls, opinions and spend fun time with it. You can use it in a way you want.

Now you can see and comment or like all the latest stuffs and activities on the website from the Enhanced Newsfeed Panel.

Now you can upload your own created pic, your favorite anime pic etc. in our totally New Photo Feature.

Some exiting features have been left undiscovered for you, as this time we have allowed flexibility in usage.
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abhi anand
abhi anand Mar 18 '16
its so fun ...