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ASH PIKACHU Apr 12 '16
 niyander kamen popularity is good and guys i love thatt anime 

i feel good that it reach popularity i would love to tell about the anime too.Niyander is a children's anime series of 83 episodes which ran from February 6, 2000 to September 30, 2001. Nyago-Chan, a young cat living in Cat Town, was chosen to hold the identity of Mighty Cat Masked Niyander. He is kind and true of heart and has many friends. The original manga was made by Takashi Yanase.Nyago: The real identity of Mighty Cat Masked Niyander. He is the main character of the anime. Whenever he hears anyone calling for help he transforms into a Niyander. He is the true holder of magic sword.

Niyon: He thinks Niyander is his biggest enemy. Because Niyander is more famous than him. He is a blue cat.

Kon: An anthropomorphic fox and Niyon's assistant. She tries to help him to realize his plans.

Niyanta-Chan: One of Nyago's friends, he is an orange cat with stripes. He wants to be as strong as Niyander.

Miyako-Chan: She is also one of Nyago's friends. She is friendly and polite.

Kachin: Another of Nyago's friends. She is exceptionally smart, and she creates many experiments to help her friends and herself.

Ginko: She is Kon 's friend. Whenever Kon gets into trouble, Ginko helps her.

Sarakichi: Like Kon, he is Ginko's guide, and he helps Ginko in her work.Miko: She is Nyago's Sister, but she don't know that her brother is a superhero. But after some episodes she becomes "The Junior Niyander"

Pidori: A bird who helps Nyago in transforming into Niyander. Whenever Nyago is far away from his home or forgot his bag (which he uses to transform into Niyander), Pidori brings it to him.