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NatsuKudo Mar 16 '16

Happy News to all of you buddies ANIMAX is finally back in Tata Sky and Tata sky +  ch No. 630 ... it'll be soon coming in other DTH ,mso cable Stb airtel, videocon, etc,, i guess Sony Finally realized they need to give attention to Anime ( Animation ) channel too just lyk they giv to AXN and other channels.. im nt kidding im serious if you doubt me just google it.. this for all Animax fans me sawin tata sky it was such a nice surprise :) well i did saw in net but no one posted pic so thought should post and inform fellow animax fans they would be happy to knw.. so fr proof posting pic.. its same Animax dubbed english anime of few and most Japene voice with english subtitles,, for now dk im happy its back finally plz do share to your gellow indian otakus ^^ or Animax fans ..same time as japan two animes r coming 1 Durara season 2 arc 3rd.. and other one is,, Grimgar illustration anime... Black bullet .. n my fav Fairy tail S5 ,Naruto shippuden 2 , My teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU etc ,  for Animax Asia t.v  (India) region schedule check website or in stb u can check fr upto 1 day in stb info as u wud seen in pic ^^

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Infernus (R.J.)
Infernus (R.J.) Mar 19 '16
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Sheska Mar 19 '16
So can aic be back too ? O_o
NatsuKudo Mar 22 '16
idk @[email protected] wish it wud b back but fr now i'm happy... @Rj i guess 
NatsuKudo Sep 21 '17

Quote from Sheska So can aic be back too ? O_o
AIC hav tried sadly nope they hav decided to shut down animax channel & replace it with stupid channel sony yay e.e
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